Weird Bug
Location: Boise, Idaho
February 14, 2012 10:14 pm
Dear Bug Man,
I came across a bug Ive never seen before. I was sitting at my desk when heard a buzzing noise and saw what I thought was a fly. Its currently February in boise Idaho and is weird to see any flying insects this time of weather. I grabbed my fly swatter and tapped the little guy. When I went to dispose of him, he looked weird and Ive never seen his type of bug before. Hes got a flat (pretty sure not from the fly swatter)striped body with wings and a big head. He almost looks like a bee but the markings on his back threw me off. And if he is a bee, why is he around so early? I would very much apperciate if you could identify him. Thank you!
Signature: Rose Orona

Flower Fly

Dear Rose,
This is a Fly in the family Syrphidae, and many members of the family mimic bees for protection since the flies themselves do not sting nor bite.  Flies in the family Syrphidae are commonly called Flower Flies or Hover Flies and they are beneficial insects that pollinate flowers.  The larval Flower Flies are also beneficial insects and many species are predators that feed upon Aphids.  The real mystery is “Why did this Flower Fly appear in your home in February in Idaho?” and we don’t have an answer to that.  Since they are beneficial, there is no need to swat Flower Flies, and we are tagging your letter as Unnecessary Carnage.  We hope this does not give you a stigma, because we have no intention of chastising you, but we would like to educate you so that no further incidents occur. 

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Location: Idaho

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