Biting bug in SoCal
Location: San Diego, CA
February 6, 2012 3:31 pm
My husband and I were getting bites after a Xmas trip to South America and we figured we picked up bed bugs in a hotel or on our luggage. After an exterminator came by and found no sign of bed bugs, we bought mattress covers and climbups to search for these pests ourselves. My husband finally caught one biting him and then we found another running around on his stomach yesterday (gross). They’re both about 0.5mm and the latter was quite a fast runner. The pics were taken by a microscope in the lab of a friend. It’s now February here in Southern CA. Our bedroom has a big palm tree resting on it and I’ve long thought there might be rodents or birds in the tree (we can hear things running around on the roof sometimes). Last week I found a dead mouse next to our house so I’m thinking maybe it’s a bird/rodent mite? The tree is slated for trimming this weekend and our exterminator is coming back to check our place for mice and these bugs. A ny help on IDing this guy would be fantastic.
Signature: Bummed out in SoCal


Dear Bummed out in SoCal,
We agree that this is a Mite and it most likely is connected to birds or rodents.  Perhaps you have a rodent nest in your attic or possibly an abandoned bird nest in the eaves that has caused the Mites to seek human blood.  Good luck with your extermination.


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Location: California

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