Location: Termeil NSW 2539
February 5, 2012 5:15 am
Hi again…this fly ?..has been hanging around,looking at me,pointed at me,shows great interest,will let me get 4ft away..hovers then darts off,comes back hovers,from 2 to 6ft off the ground,pointing toward me..,I think it lives near where I chop firewood under a large Blue Gum..seen it there twice,might get a video tomorrow.Sun shining today.Thanks.
Signature: Bugger

Bee Fly

Dear Bugger,
This is a True Bee Fly in the subfamily Bombyliinae and we found a matching image of a resting individual on the Brisbane Insect website, though it is not identified by species.  The proboscis on your specimen is definitely a match to the mouth on the image we located.

Bee Fly

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Location: Australia

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