Unknown night bug
January 23, 2012 1:11 pm
Dear Mr. Bugman,
I’ve spent some time trying to identify this bug but have been unsuccesful so far.
I’ve spotted it in the middle of a warm summer night in the Netherlands. It did not react to the flashlight of my camera. It seems it has underdeveloped wings and a weird set of ’teeth’ originating from the top of its head bending towards the bottom of its body.
Thanks for the awesome website, keep it up!
Signature: Thanks, Frank

Assassin Bug

Dear Frank,
We believe this is an Assassin Bug, a predatory True Bug in the family Reduviidae.  Unless we are sorely mistaken, the underdeveloped wings are an indication that it is an immature specimen.  We would not entirely rule out that this is a member of some other Heteropteran family though.

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Location: Netherlands

3 Responses to Assassin Bug

  1. frankd says:

    Thanks a lot for the info! And within the day!

    The head and feeding tube are strikingly similar to other assassin bug pictures. I can’t seem to match it with one of the different subfamilies since as you’ve said it’s probably an immature specimen.

    Thanks again for the great website and service!

  2. drswanny says:

    Sorry, this isn’t an assassin bug. It’s a damsel bug (Nabidae), but I forget how the European species break down, genera-wise. Nabidae has a very convoluted taxonomic history.

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