Location: NYC
January 21, 2012 11:14 am
Please Help bug man you have the best database on ID-ing bugs so please help me. first of all i will explane. i had these bugs come in my bath room on a piece of luggage. it was in a friends house and gave it to me. i washed it off and 2 days later i have these creepy crawlers in my tub. so my location is NYC its january and automatically i think the worst. its a bed bug. but i really need you to tell me that it is not a bed bug. they have only stayed in the tub area. thank god but in concerned that i need to do something dramatic. they really dont look like bed bugs to me but im no expert. there really really tiny. and when you just lightly push them they disappear gone. no sign of them on your finger or on the tub. now i only have seen about 7 at a time. they are fast crawlers. they dont fly but i hope they are springtails. as they like the bath room. they are really tiny. so that leads me to think that there the baby version of whatever they are. please let me know what they are im loosing sleep over this. thanks do much bug man. ps to give you a hint how small they are the blue line is a line on a piece of paper.
Signature: Rich


Hi Rich,
Your hope that this is a Springtail is correct.  Springtails are benign creatures, though they can become a nuisance in homes where there is a damp environment to sustain them, like the bathroom.  It is possible that they were introduced on the luggage as you speculated, especially if the luggage was stored in a damp location first.

Location: New York

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  1. Lgrider says:

    Desperate, please help. I have been chosen as host to these disgusting, Blue Bastards! At least once a day I spend about 30 min wiping larvae from my nose, mouth, cough em up, so nasty. The worst part is everything I’ve read so far mentions the skin being affected but in my case that isn’t an issue whereas my digestive system is. Am I looking at the right culprit?

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