Found in the house
Location: chatham, On
January 16, 2012 1:43 pm
My mothers husband was cleaning in their living room and found this skin of what i thought was a junebug, but at a closer glance i realized that it wasn’t. Can you please tell me what this is because the pincher arms scare me a little with my young kids going there. It might be in the house, it was at one time at least to shed its skin.
Signature: Carly

Cicada Exuvia

Hi Carly,
This is the exuvia or cast of skin of a Cicada.  Cicada nymphs live underground, often for many years.  When they are ready to metamorphose into adults, they dig to the surface, split their skins to molt for the last time, and emerge as winged adults leaving the exuvia behind.

Location: Canada

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