Baby Jumping Stick
Location: Jaraguá, São Paulo, Brazil
January 7, 2012 6:32 am
May be of your interest these photos of this little jumping stick.
Sometimes, I see them walking with that hesitant manner, just like chameleons, going forward, going back a little bit and going forward again. Chameleons do this to confuse their preys, while proscopiidae do the same to confuse predators.
I love these guys, much people here in São Paulo never saw one in their lives, I think I’m blessed to live where I live.
In northeastern Brazil, a dry and warm place, you can find them like ants!
Signature: Cesar Crash

Jumping Stick

Hi Cesar,
This posting is a nice compliment to your earlier submission of a Jumping Stick Grasshopper from Brazil.

Location: Brazil

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