I don’t have enough band width to search all your caterpillars
Location: Southern shore of Lake Ontario, upstate New York
January 5, 2012 12:40 am
I took this picture of this beautiful creature on one of my feed buckets on August 27th in upstate New York near lake Ontario. I checked on him for three days before he moved on to where ever he wanted to go. I took back the bucket after I checked the bottom to make sure he had not moved to the bottom or under the bucket. I tried to find him on your site but have limited bandwidth and you have A LOT of caterpillars!
Thank you for having a look. 🙂
Signature: Respectfully, Nancy

Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Hi Nancy,
Searching through our extensive archive can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to begin.  This is a White Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar,
Orgyia leucostigma, a wide ranging species in the entire eastern portion of North America as far west as Texas.  The caterpillars feed on a wide variety of trees and shrubs including “apple, birch, black locust, cherry, elm, hackberry, hickory, oak, rose, willow…fir, hemlock, larch, spruce and other conifers” according to BugGuide.  You should exert caution handling this caterpillar because contact with the hairs may cause an allergic reaction.  Female moths are flightless.

Thank you so much. I will share this information with my facebook
friends who wanted to know as well. And I try to never touch a bug as
they go about their day. I don’t know which parts are fragile and I
don’t want to break them. If in danger I will let them walk on to a
sheet of paper and put them somewhere near that is safer.

Location: New York

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