Is this a cockroach??
Location: Cary, NC
November 7, 2011 7:28 pm
We have been finding these small (maybe 1/2 inch?) bugs that look like baby cockroaches to me (horrifying!!). But they don’t actually look like anything I can find online. I want to make sure they’re just outside roaches that wandered in and not the start of an infestation! We have found them everywhere from the linen closet to the sink to the guest room to the bathroom etc.
Signature: Terriifed of bugs!

Smoky Brown Cockroach Nymph

Dear Terriifed of bugs!,
We believe this is an immature Smoky Brown Cockroach,
Periplaneta fuliginosa, and you can find additional photos on BugGuide.  We have read that the adults fly and can enter homes, though we are not certain if this is a species that regularly infests human domiciles.  We tend to think of it as an occasional visitor, though we might be wrong. 

Thank you so much!  I was not able to find a picture of anything similar before but the bug guide has an exact match!!!  I am not thrilled that it IS a cockroach but I am thrilled to know what it is.
Thanks again!

Location: North Carolina

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