BIG spider in Angola
Location: Kikuxi, Luanda, Angola
December 22, 2011 12:38 am
We found this huge spider in our courtyard in Angola, and we just photographed it and left it alone. Later, I wondered whether it was poisonous. I put a match stick in the picture to help with size.
Signature: Dawn in Angola

Unknown Spider from Angola

Dear Dawn,
Almost all spiders have venom, but very few have venom that is toxic enough to be a threat to humans.  We do not recognize your spider, but we are posting your letter and photo in the hope that we might someday identify this interesting looking creature.  Perhaps our readership might be able to provide an identification as well.

Karl provides an identification:  December 29, 2011
Hi Daniel and Dawn:
It looks like a Nursery Web Spider (Pisauridae), perhaps in the genus Euprosthenops. By all accounts they are harmless to humans. Regards. Karl

Location: Africa

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