6 legged flying insect
Location: Florida
December 21, 2011 11:47 am
This bug has been hanging out in my office for months now. Instead of killing him we have actually made friends haha. I have literally petted this guy. He will land of me and just sit there for a while also. It has 6 legs. The front 2 he actually uses as antennas to feel around and he constantly ”washes his hands” rubbing the front 2 legs together. He can fly but likes to walk around mostly. Front 2 legs have white on the bottoms but the others are solid brown. His mouth kinda looks like an ant’s. He has never bitten me.
Signature: I don’t care

Stilt Legged Fly

Dear I don’t care,
Though your photo is extremely blurry, we are confident that we have identified your insect on BugGuide as a Stilt Legged Fly,
Grallipeza nebulosa, based on its coloration, your location and the behavior you describe.

Yep, that is the bug.  Thank you.  It was driving me crazy not knowing.

Location: Florida

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