Location: melbourne, australia
December 18, 2011 6:42 am
This huge ie 4-5 cm wasp was dragging huntsman spider up the window. Spider still seemed alive
I live in Melbourne, Australia and it is December-beginning of Summer.
Wasp not aggressive to me, BUT NOT HAPPY when I hit it with a broom. It dropped twitching spider & flew off!
Signature: Dom

Spider Wasp and Huntsman Spider Prey

Dear Dom,
We have several excellent images of Australian Spider Wasps with Huntsman Spider prey in our archives.  The female Spider Wasp stings and paralyzes the Spider and then drags it back to her burrow to act as food for her brood.  The adult wasps feed on nectar.  We can imagine that it is a difficult task for the female Spider Wasp to locate her prey, sting it and then begin the long haul back to her burrow, and it is quite unfortunate that your broom hitting incident interrupted her task.  We hope that now that you are better informed, you will allow these food chain dramas to play out without unnecessary interventions in the future.


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Location: Australia

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