Grizzled Mantis
Location: North Central Florida – Ocala National Forest
December 9, 2011 7:34 pm
I found this mantis under a car cover in North Central Florida. It had to be moved because although we had a cold night, by midafternoon the temp was 75 degrees F and I wanted to apply the finish coat of paint onto the car. My son got it to grab onto a stick and we put it in a safe place, far away from the painting zone. My question: what are the extremes of cold weather that these creatures can survive?
Signature: Lynnepear

Grizzled Mantis

Dear Lynnepear,
We don’t know if there is a recorded low temperature that a Grizzled Mantis has survived.  If they are able to take shelter, they can probably survive most short cold snaps that might occur in Florida.  As a species, the Grizzled Mantis is not recorded north of North Carolina on BugGuide, so they are a warm climate species.  Ootheca or egg cases are more likely to survive extended cold weather ensuring the perpetuation of the species.

Grizzled Mantis

Thanks for the info! Now I have an additional reason to cover my tender yard plants during freezing nights—the covers may provide shelter for some of the tiny creatures in the yard! I’ll just have to be careful to shake the covers out carefully when they’re removed during the day.

For that we will tag you a Bug Humanitarian.


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Location: Florida

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