Location: Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
November 27, 2011
Hi Bugman!
Thanks for your quick reply. It pleases me greatly that I was able to provide something new to your site.
I’m attaching 3 more pictures: the first is a full profile shot of the damselfly (hopefully, it might help with the identification); the second one is a close up of a cluster of spiderlings, probably of Argiope aurantia? The final one is of a jumping spider. Not technically bugs (or even insects!), but I thought I might send it in. All pictures were taken the same place as the skipper, along a rocky beach.
By the way, regarding the proposed case bearing moths, it was in Hong Kong that they were found (my friend took those original photos).

Orbweaver Spiderlings

Hi Geoff,
We are very happy to post your image of Orbweaver Spiderlings.  We agree that they look like immature Golden Orbweavers,
Argiope aurantia, because they match this image on BugGuide.

Location: Canada

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