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Location: north east thailand
November 17, 2011 6:40 pm
Saw this on the floor of an apartment block in the issarn region of thailand.Namely udon thani a city less than twenty miles form the border of Laos,It mainly agicultural and rice growing in the region..
found this in the dry season,March to may, but not 100% cklear on that,but it was four yrs ago
Signature: andy

Click Beetle

Hi Andy,
This is definitely a Beetle, but beyond that, we are stumped.  Generally we are able to at least provide a family for beetles, but there are so many physical attributes that are distinctive on this beetle that we have not seen combined in this manner.  The pectinate (see BugGuide) are probably the most distinctive feature, but the spined thorax and narrow waist connecting to the abdomen is also quite unique.  Many beetles in the superfamily Elateroidea (See BugGuide for North American examples) have similar antennae and thoracic features, including some of the Click Beetles in the family Elateridae.  At first glance, we thought this might be a Prionid, but the thorax structure seems to negate that possibility.  We need additional time to research and perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in this challenging identification.  We could not locate it on ThaiBugs.  Can you recall the size of this creature?

Unknown Beetle from Thailand

Immediate Update:
After posting we looked again at the ThaiBugs site and found a Click Beetle in the family Elateridae that looks close.  It is “unidentified and in need of a shave” and pictured as a thumbnail near the bottom of the page.

Yes, a click beetle!  I believe this one is Oxynopterus mucronatus, or at least something very closely related.  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Eric,
We found matching images on Project Noah and the Click Beetles of the Palearctic Region website.

Hi daniel was about an inch long. dificult to gauge the with from memory.But remember being fascinated by the antenae type and size,which was noticably wider than the body.


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Thailand

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  1. XindianaX says:

    I think that looks like a rhipiceridae beetle

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your suggestions. Eric Eaton agreed it is a Click Beetle and supplied the name Ocynopterus mucronatus and we found matching images online.

  2. Noel Coronel says:

    Found this same Click Beetle at our house in Tagaytay City, Luzon, Philippines several weekends ago. First time to see a click beetle this big. Around 2.75″ long (antennae not included) and clicking like crazy when I held it and when I turned it over.

    Attached is a pic of it in my Facebook account.


    Also have a video…




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