Namibian Arthropods
November 17, 2011
Dear Daniel, Many thanks for your 3 messages and all the details they contain. I’m not e-maiing from Namibia but from the U.K. but the delay in responding is because we don’t have the computer on daily. I’ve attached to this message 2 more photos not for identification as I believe they are of a Death’s Head Hawkmoth Caterpiller but I hoped you  might like to see them or use them.
I wonder however if I may submit 2 further pictures for identification, again both taken in Namibia.
Kind regards, Roger.

Deathshead Hawkmoth Caterpillar

Hi Roger,
There are several species called Deathshead Hawkmoths from the genus
Atropos, and this is surely one of them, but we haven’t the time to research the species found in Namibia at the moment.  If you send additional photos, please use our standard form and please attach only a single species per submission.

Deathshead Hawkmoth Caterpillar


Location: Africa

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