November 12, 2011
What’s That Bug? is profiled on High Country News.

Bugman Daniel Marlos photographed by Francisco Sevillano

Rock star status
November 14, 2011 11:22 am
Dear Daniel, Thanks for sharing your rock star treatment with your readers.  I thought the High Country News was a great article.  You do a great job educating those of us who are always wondering, “whats that bug?”
Signature: JimmyDean

You are really funny JimmyDean.  I thought it was funny getting compared to a rock star.   Thanks for the compliment.  I had a really nice time talking to the writer, Marina.  She has enough material for five articles.

Comment from Brenda
November 23, 2011
Nice article Daniel in this pub! More fame coming your way…now, how about that fortune??
Brenda Rees

Thanks for the support Brenda.  The article on the March of the Tarantulas is quite nice.

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