upload size/offer of pictures
Location: Costa Rica, Alajuela, Atena, barrio Güísaro; hillside, semi-rural, 860m alt.
October 28, 2011 2:09 pm
Hi, quick question. I tried & failed repeatedly to upload 3 pics of about 2.8 – 3 MB each. What’s your size limit for uploads?
Thanks, Claudia Leon
Apparently one can’t just ask a tech question. Ok. I’ll attach one picture and see what happens. Here’s my text from my earlier failed attempts:
Dear Bugman,
unless I’m horribly mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time) these pictures show a specimen of the wasp-mimicking tiger moth, Isanthrene crabroniformis, Arciidae.
If you think they could be useful as reference material, I’d like to donate them to your database. If not, just delete.
It was resting on my patio table, before flying off to parts unknown. We live just outside the town of Atenas in the Central Valley.
Signature: Photolera Claudinha

Wasp Mimic Tiger Moth

Dear Photolera Claudinha,
We apologize for both the technical problems you had and the delay.  We have been busy lately and we are behind in answering our mail, as usual.  We were going back through unanswered letters to locate a different email and we noticed the swarm of emails from you that were unopened, and we are pleased to post a few of your images of
Isanthrene crabroniformis which is represented in our archive in a previous posting.  These moths are very effective wasp mimics.

Wasp Mimic Tiger Moth

Correction courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Photolera Claudinha:
You are very close but I don’t think Isanthrene crabroniformis is quite correct. There are a few closely related and very similar looking species, and I believe this one may be Isanthrene cazador. Here is another site you can check out. Regards. Karl

Thanks for the correction Karl.

Hi Daniel & Karl,
Thanks, this is most interesting. Which characteristics point toward I. cazador, rather than I. crabroniformis? I’m afraid, I don’t have the necessary tools & reference material to detect details.
I appreciate your instructions! P. Claudinha

We will let Karl provide input on your newest question.  We detect a difference in the stripes on the body that supports Karl’s identification.


Location: Costa Rica

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  1. vitrsna says:

    i believe i can report an Isanthrene crabroniformis in Colima, Mexico, December 2011. i have a digital photo i would be able to send if your website had a facility to do that. if you would like a photo, please send an email address so that i can send a photo and you can verify my sighting, regards, beverly

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