Bright Orange spider
Location: Pandora, OH – Putnam County – NW Ohio
November 9, 2011 9:08 pm
I found this spider outside today – it is fluorescent orange! Very weird. The temp was low 60’s and falling. It appeared to be dying… moving very slow, and sometimes would just curl up. I have NEVER seen any spider this color.. any idea what it is ?? And why does it have an extra set of ”small legs” in front?
Signature: Found Freaky Spider

Pumpkin Spider

Dear FFS,
This gorgeous individual is a Marbled Orbweaver,
Araneus marmoreus, a highly variable species.  Not every individual is orange, but the bright orange color variation is quite distinctive.  According to BugGuide, an alternative name is Pumpkin Spider, a common name that no doubt refers to both the color and the time of year large individuals are noticed corresponding to Halloween.  The underside of your individual has markings similar to this photo from BugGuide.

Marbled Orbweaver

Thanks so much for sending three distinctly different camera angles of this beautiful Pumpkin Spider.

Pumpkin Spider



Location: Ohio

51 Responses to Pumpkin Spider

  1. Joyce Smith says:

    OMG,are you kidding me,this octopuss is hanging outside my door now,it is scary as ****,Oh my,please stay outside…

  2. Libby says:

    Just saw one hanging from our tree…Louisville, KY.

  3. Mary imrie says:

    I found the same spider two weeks ago in my window. Andover ohio

  4. Rhonda says:

    I found one yesterday on my deck. Never have seen one before. I’m in Santa Claus Indiana

  5. Michelle says:

    I also just found one hanging in front of our front door- my 19 yr old thought it was a practical JOKE- until it started crawling back up the web!
    I wish I could post a picture of it
    I Live in Delaware, and it’s Halloween day

  6. Sharon says:

    My husband found one in our pool skimmer today 11/15/2013 in Due West, South Carolina! Are they dangerous?

  7. Cynthia says:

    Saw one walking along the ground yesterday. Such a bright orange it practically glowed in the evening light. Asheville, NC.

  8. MissMissy says:

    Was blessed with one this morning inside my home. It scared me but that’s just me. Afraid of all bugs. Atlanta, GA

  9. Bobbiejo kerr says:

    I found one today on my front porch like this but had like a neon yellow to it too …in newfane ny. Any idea what it is when it us bright red with yellow then back spits on its belly and back… Couldn’t download pic

  10. pamela ray says:

    can these be a brownish body with a red “strawberry” on the back?

  11. Tasie says:

    I’ve never seen one of these. Until now!!!! Weird, just in time for Halloween! Everett, WA

  12. Lynn Kinderman says:

    I never seen one like this before. Found it crawling in leaves. Redgranite WI

  13. Mary Maxwell says:

    My Sib puppy had an encounter with one of these this afternoon. Had never seen one this glowing orange. Oct. 20, 2014. Northern panhandle of WV.

  14. Linda Jamison says:

    I am in Indiana Found this wonderful Colored spider out hiding under lock latch to barn door, Thanks for the Information, I have lived in Ind. All my life never seen a orange spider, But It looks like a gray one That I have seen.

  15. valerie albrecht says:

    I found a pumpkin spider in my front yard. Barre, Mass.

  16. Sally McConaughey says:

    Oct. 27,2014 While putting my garden items away I found this beautiful orange spider. At this age in life a surprise is nice.

  17. dominique woodcock says:

    i have just had this in my garden. its is 14 degrees here in Grantham Lincs UK. is it dangerous?

  18. Vicky says:

    I see these all the time and they make huge webs too! So awesome! The webs depending on size of spider can be between trees..yes, between trees! I walked into one web this morning at work..LOL.. saw it was in the tree and took a few pics.. just so pretty!

  19. Waldmann Edward says:

    I saw one this weekend in Wynnewood PA

    It’s orange was as vivid as neon spray paint.

  20. PATTY says:

    Found 2 by my front porch had a huge web and was hanging from it. ILLINOIS

  21. Marie says:

    Spotted one with a huge orbed web in the corner of our shed. I didn’t know what kind of spider it was.Oddly enough it has a jack-o-lantern face on its back.

  22. Sheila and Jaleesa Gray says:

    Me and my daughter saw a spider just like this one it was a very pretty orange color It was hanging outside of our back door and it came near halloween time -Lancaster Pa

  23. Amanda says:

    I found one yesterday with a huge nest in our wood pile.Scary but beautiful color.

  24. Bridget says:

    Just found one on my pourch and was wondering if it is poisonous

  25. Kira says:

    Found one today in Brockport, NY.

  26. David Stewart says:

    My son just found this pumpkin spider on a porch in Pipersville at his home. He bottled it up and brought it to our house a couple miles away to release it on our property. What csn WE expect? Are they poisonous?

  27. chris says:

    I seen the pumpkin spider today in my driveway.. Very cool..I did get a picture

  28. Renee says:

    Just found one outside our garage door in Chesapeake VA – it’s December 1st but the temps are in the upper 50s. This spider is beautiful – we’d never seen anything like it before! The color of its back is such a bright beautiful orange. Thanks for this site – made it so easy to identify.

  29. Susan says:

    I found one on my front porch one night in the beginning of November. The porch light went out after I change the bulb an turned the light on that’s when I realized my head was two inches from it. Scared the crap out of me. Never seen anything like it before an I’ve seen lots of spiders before. Paradise,CA.

  30. Lucy says:

    My son and I saw one of these interesting little fellas today outside our doctor’s office. We live in Oakville, Ontario! A little far from home isn’t he? He didn’t look like he was doing too well unfortunately.

  31. Austin says:

    Saw pumpkin spider in florida during febuary 2016 crawling on my hand…………….dont think it bit me are they posinas

  32. mk says:

    Saw one here in Shillington, PA. My 11 year old daughter thought it was very cool

  33. megan welzbacher says:

    I almost walked right into this. It has made a gigantic, beautiful web spanning four feet across my very dimly lit- backyard patio. I have never beheld this type of spider before. I thought, at first, that it was a crab caught in a giant spider web (I live in Belleville, Illinois- so no crabs in town).

  34. Charles guy says:

    Found this festive crawler(guess where)strolling up by the front door. I was standing several feet away when I noticed something unusual moving, at a moderate pace, upwards. It looks pregnant to me, but I am no bug boy. Gorgeous. I named it O’rangella

  35. Victoria says:

    I seen one today outside at my job
    I even took a picture to show my husband.

  36. kathy banta says:

    I just found one outside my home in Connersville in

  37. Ashley says:

    I currently have one on my porch. I’m watching him rebuild his web after a storm just past. Neat little dude. So long as he stays in his corner.

  38. Denisha says:

    I found today. It was in my tree at my house. I live in Espanola, NM.

  39. Marni says:

    I just found one in my backyard as I was cutting down trees. Pleasant Grove, Utah

  40. Ernestine Lascano says:

    In September and October at night the orange spider would spin a huge web. What is odd the spider(s)spin a web where people would be walking through and walk through it. I had to take a detour to avoid walking through it with the spider on it. Scary indeed. Now we’re in December I have not seen any more of them. Thank goodness.

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