Pigeon Horntail… I think.
Location: Westminster, Md
November 7, 2011 7:10 pm
From looking at other photos on this website I think that this is a Pigeon Horntail. Either way it was a cool looking bug and I wanted to share.
Signature: Billy

Pigeon Horntail

Hi Billy,
We are happy to hear you were able to identify your Pigeon Horntail by searching through our archives.  Pigeon Horntails are Wood Wasps and the larvae are found burrowing in dead and dying trees.  There are lighter and darker variations in coloration, and the lighter color of your individual is not as common, but it is documented on BugGuide.

Location: Maryland

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  1. Gloria Brunette says:

    Would it be unusual to see these in Minnesota? I did see one today and I understand they are in the area. Sending a picture don’t know if he’ll actually get it or not. IMG_7238.JPG

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