Cross shaped Bug
Location: Groton CT 06340
November 7, 2011 12:21 am
I found a bug that interested me. I found it on my front door around 9pm early October. I took a picture of it because i had never seen one before. It is shaped like the letter ” T ”. Light brown in color. I almost touched it with my finger, i must have been a few centimeters from it and yet, it did not move. Not even when i opened my door, it just stayed there. I would like to know what it is just to satisfy my curiosity. Learning new things is fun for me. So i thank you ahead of time for your efforts in getting me the name of this bug and any other cool facts about it. Thank you.
Signature: Jager

Plume Moth

Dear Jager,
Many people who want a Plume Moth from the family Pterophoridae identified describe it as a T-Bug. 

Location: Connecticut

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