Leaf Insect
Location: Singapore
November 4, 2011 11:01 pm
I found this insect on an offshore Island called Pulau Bukom in Singapore. It was as big as my palm. Does it bite? It sure does look scary.
Signature: Freakedbybugs

Walking Leaf

Dear Freakedbybugs,
We believe we have correctly identified your Phasmid as a Walking Leaf,
Phyllium giganteum, a species native to Malaysia and vicinity.  We first found a matching photo on Galerie Photos du Mond des Phasmes.  We then crosschecked that identification with verification on Phasmids In Cyberspace which has some excellent photos of the life cycle of the Walking Leaf.  The photos we found online are all of green specimens.  We don’t know if this is an aberration, or a color variation, or perhaps a different species.  At any rate, this yellow coloration does not camouflage this individual against the green leaves as well as it would be hidden were it green.  

A Query
Subject: question about a Phyllium photo from Singapore
Website: www.phasmatodea.com
September 30, 2013 2:16 pm
Would it be possible that you bring me in contact with the person who has submitted this photo:
It could indeed be a Phyllium giganteum. But so far this Phyllium species has not yet been recorded from Singapore.  And the location on that tiny island makes me all the more curious to find out more…
You can send the person also my email adress, so that he / she can get in contact with me directly:
Thank you and all the best
Bruno Kneubuehler     PhD (Switzerland)
Signature: Bruno Kneubuehler 

Hi Bruno,
We will most likely not be able to locate the original email return address for Freakedbybugs who sent the identification request.  We can post your contact information as an addition to the posting and anyone from the vicinity who discovers a Walking Leaf in Singapore can contact you directly.

Dear Daniel
thanks for your kind reply.
Maybe this person has an account under this name on your site, which might be linked to an email adress. Or you can send a PM?
thanks a lot

We will contact our webmaster to see what he can find out.

Location: Singapore

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