Help, need to know what this is so i know kids will be ok hunting bugs
Location: Chatham, Ontario, Canada
November 6, 2011 11:39 am
Hello, i was wondering if you could possibly help me out on this bug. I scared me a little when i trapped it to get a better look at it. The back end went up like a scorpions would. It does have wings buy they are tucked into its back, i see them out once. I have the picture on facebook so maybe others could help, but no one knew but one did say that they seen them in their back yard as well. I have 3 small children and i need to know if these bugs will harm them.
Signature: Carly Reeson

Rove Beetle

Hi Carly,
This is a harmless beneficial Rove Beetle.  Rove Beetles are beneficial because they are predators that keep down the populations of potentially problematic creatures in the yard and garden.  We believe this might be
Platydracus maculosus or a closely related species based on this photo from BugGuide.  The threat posture you described is quite typical of Rove Beetles, and it causes many people to suspect that they are capable of stinging, which they are not.  Some Rove Beetles do release a foul odor upon striking that threat posture.

Rove Beetle in threat posture

Location: Canada

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