Is this a Butterfly?
Location: Quartz Hills, Calif.
November 1, 2011 10:47 pm
I live in the Antelope Valley, Calif., and I have never seen this Butterfly before. At least I think it is a Butterfly. I’m wondering if it is part of the Lycaenidae.
Thank you.
Signature: Jean Haley

Marine Blue

Hi Jean,
This is a Marine Blue,
Leptotes marina, and it is indeed one of the Lycaenidae or Gossamer Wings.  According to Charles Hogue in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin:  “This is another butterfly that is common in local parks and gardens because its larva feeds on the buds and blossoms of the ornamental shrubs and vines (Plumbago species, Wisteria Vine, sweet pea, and other members of the Pea Family.”

Thank you so much. Made my day!!

Location: California

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