What’s this bug?
Location: Gainesville, FL
October 25, 2011 7:30 pm
I found this bug hanging out on my front door frame at night. And it scared me as I’ve never seen this kind of bug before. I was afraid it might fly in my house as I ran in, but it did not move at all when I cracked my door open to check if it was still there. The next morning, I found it dead on the ground and took a couple of pictures. After searching the internet, I came to the conclusion it might be part of the Corydalidae family. However, I didn’t find an identical looking picture. Can you help me identify it? Thanks!!
Signature: Gee

Grizzled Mantis

Dear Gee,
We are sad to hear that some misfortune befell this lovely Grizzled Mantis,
Gonatista grisea, sometime during the night.  We identified it on BugGuide.  The long wings indicate that this individual is a male.

Grizzled Mantis


Location: Florida

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