Strange caterpillar or what?
Location: Ellicott City, MD
October 20, 2011 9:19 pm
I’ve tried to look through your photos of caterpillars to identify this one. We took this picture this past August while hiking at a local state park, next to the river. I can’t seem to look through very many of your pictures because they creep me out, much like this one did! It is neat at the same time though and I would like to find out what it really is. It was pretty large as you can see, next to my 7 year old’s shoe. We didn’t want to get too close as it was moving across the rock. Thanks for any information you can give me!
Signature: Tracey

Hickory Horned Devil

Dear Tracey,
You had the good fortune to observe the largest caterpillar in North America, the Hickory Horned Devil.  Though your sighting is two months old, we have decided to post it anyways since the last Hickory Horned Devil sightings might still occur, though most of our sightings are in August and September.  We did not receive as many sightings this past year as we have previously.

Hickory Horned Devil

Location: Maryland

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