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Rain spider rescue
Location: Northern suburbs, Gauteng, South Africa
October 21, 2011 5:31 am
We were helping clean out a house this weekend when someone spotted this beautiful lady… luckily I was able to rescue her and her nest before she was hurt.
From what I can tell, she’s a huntsman spider (called rain spiders here in South Africa), species Palystes Castaneus – would like to know if I’m right though?
Signature: Twistedlizzard

Rain Spider

Hi Twistedlizzard,
We agree that this is a Huntsman Spider, and though we were not familiar with the Rain Spider,
Palystes castaneus, our research led us to the Biodiversity Explorerwebsite which tends to indicate you identification is correct.  We also are amused with the common name of Lizard Eating Spider for this species.  The website states:  “These spiders were previously listed as potentially dangerous. After tests where they were induced into biting guinea-pigs it was established that although the guinea-pigs had died within 3 minutes, it had been from shock and not the effects of any venom. For humans, the venom is in fact no worse than a bee sting although the spider’s aggressive display, with its 2 front pairs of banded legs raised in warning, is enough to shrink the stoutest of hearts. They occur usually in vegetation but sometimes occur in the home.”

Rain Spider


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Africa

4 Responses to Rain Spider from South Africa with Egg Sac

  1. Ezzarat says:

    Wow, she IS a beautiful spider. Rain Spider, I love the sound of that. Huntsmen’s are amazing spiders. I had one living on the walls of our old house (Australia). It was huge and intimidating looking but, it was there for ages and never came down or bothered anyone, and then my sister came over from the city to visit for a weekend. She emptied half a can of outdoor surface spray onto it! It was really cruel, and I haven’t seen any really BIG huntsmen’s in the house since.

  2. Ezzarat says:

    It certainly is. I wasn’t very happy with my overly squeamish Sister.

  3. sherryl says:

    Love to hear from about people who love & respect these creatures like I do. A big pity that not all people have a little more respect for all, that they cannot live and let live.
    I live in SA and also have one on my sliding door. We are busy painting the house and have a standing instruction that nobody is to disturb the spider, the painting of this door will take place later.

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