Mantis- Arusha Tanzania
Location: Arusha Tanzania. October
October 20, 2011 2:30 am
Dear Bugman.
I would just like to share this picture of a Mantis that found its way into our house. She was non too pleased when I tried to put her outside. She responded by spreading her wings, then she sat up and turned her raptorial legs outwards to flash an inside streak of blue…quite impressive, very aggressive!
Signature: Teena

Devil's Flower Mantis

Hi Teena,
The threat posture seems to be globally universal for many Mantis species when they feel threatened.  We will try to identify you species.  The shield structure of the thorax is a significant identifying trait for your individual.  It is not pictured on the African Mantis Study Groupwebpage.

Devil's Flower Mantis

Thanks so much Daniel for your email.
I am forwarding some pics of the mantis in different positions if that helps in the identification.
I have lots of interesting photos of invertebrates which I would love to share with the group.  I certainly do not expect you to find the species of all of them.  Is there a place on your website that I can post just for the sake of sharing- or is going through the identification request the way to do it?
Once again many thanks- your time is much appreciated.

Devil's Flower Mantis

Hi again Teena,
This is really a beautiful Mantis.  We suspect one of our readers might be able to supply an answer in the future.  Providing a comment on the posting will allow you to be notified in the future if that identification takes weeks, months or years.  Though our editorial staff does not deal much with the social networking components of the website, we do have active Twitter and Facebook users and the postings there are not controlled, unlike the website proper.

Devil's Flower Mantis

Update:  Unknown Mantis identified as Devil’s Flower Mantis
Shortly after posting these photos, Neftali wrote in and identified this awesome Mantis as
Idolomantis diabolica.  We did some additional research and learned it is called a Devil’s Flower Mantis.  There is a great photo by Igor Siwanowicz on PhotoNet.  There is also a nice photo on BioLib and it made the Rogue’s Gallery of the 10 Most Disturbing Bugs on Oddee.

Dear Daniel thank you very much for the identification of this beautiful Mantis as well as all the interesting links.  Kind regards Teena
Teena Payne


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Location: Africa

3 Responses to Devil's Flower Mantis from Tanzania

  1. neftali says:

    Idolomantis diabolica

    • bugman says:

      Thanks so much for the identification of the Devil’s Flower Mantis. We will add some choice links to the posting.

  2. Teena says:

    Thanks very much for the identification and also all of the interesting links

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