Wasp Nest Preservation
Location: Ridgefield, CT
October 18, 2011 6:58 pm
Hi Again!
I live in CT and can now think of 3 beautiful wasp nests nearby and am wondering if it is ever safe to collect one as an object of beauty. I have read in other less reliable places that wasps abandon a nest in freezing weather and batten down elsewhere and don’t return to the old nest in Spring. This would lead me to find a way to retrieve one in say February if I could be sure it was empty and wouldn’t ever be needed again. I am attaching a photo of the nest and ask you to verify that it’s a wasp nest and settle once and for all the issue of collecting it. Thanks for all your wonderful work!
Signature: Hellywell

Bald Faced Hornets Nest

Dear Hellywell,
This appears to be the nest of a Bald Faced Hornet colony.  With the onset of cold weather, the workers die.  New queens will mate and hibernate.  The nest is not reused and it is safe to collect once the nest is abandoned. 

Location: Connecticut

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