schorpion like bug
Location: Belgium, brussels area
October 17, 2011 12:29 pm
This small bug was found in Brussels Belgium, 19th of september.
It seems to try and defend itself by lifting up his tail above his head (like a scorpion). Some white secretion could be seen at the end of the tail next to ,what I believe is, the stinger.
Signature: Bram

Devil's Coachhorse

Greetings Bram,
This European Rove Beetle has become naturalized in parts of North America where it is known by the diabolical name Devil’s Coachhorse.  Though it has struck a threatening pose, the Devil’s Coachhorse is not a venomous insect.  The threat posture is often accompanied by the release of a foul odor from the white scent glands in the abdomen you mentioned.  The Devil’s Coachhorse is a predatory species that will eat snails and slugs in the garden.

Thanks alot!
We found it quite funny lifting up its tail like that, hope he’s still around somwhere in the garden hunting snails!

Location: Belgium

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