Ground beetle?
Location: Northern Central NJ
October 11, 2011 2:38 pm
I saw this guy running in the grass and managed to shoot him twice … with my camera, of course. He (she?) is fairly large, perhaps a good inch long. I tried researching it but I’m not seeing any black long beetles with the knobby bent antennae. It seems to be some sort of ground beetle, but …?
Signature: Jackie

Ground beetle? NOT!
Location: Northern Central NJ
October 11, 2011 7:18 pm
In searching around, I found the identification of the beetle whose two photos I sent in earlier today. It’s not a ground beetle. It’s a black blister beetle. Thank you for running this site! It’s a treasure trove of bugs!
Signature: Jackie

Oil Beetle

Dear Jackie,
Since our editorial staff is gainfully employed, we generally respond to questions early in the morning prior to heading off to work.  We are happy to learn that you self identified your Oil Beetle or Black Blister Beetle on our site.  Thanks for the compliment.

Location: New Jersey

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