Pest or Pedestrian: Black bug found walking on curtain rod
Location: Seattle WA, USA
October 10, 2011 12:09 pm
What species of insect is this? What I really want to know: Is this a pest I need to control, or a harmless individual that lost its way?
A few days ago, my cat heard this thing making some noise (I didn’t hear it) in the livingroom.
The cat and I looked up to watch the bug, which was perched was on a curtain rod, 7 feet (2.something meters) off the floor.
It didn’t run when I captured it. It may not have wings.
I took it outside, set it on a paper towel with a US quarter and took some pictures.
Then I set the paper towel on the back yard fence.
The bug was not in a hurry to leave.
I watched it just sit there, sunning itself for a couple of minutes.
I looked a few hours later and it had wondered off.
I tried to find it amongst the pictures on, but I didn’t find a doubtless match.
Signature: Jon

Rough Stink Bug

Hi Jon,
This is a Rough Stink Bug or Tree Stink Bug in the genus
Brochymena.  Many Stink Bugs seek shelter indoors in the fall when the weather cools so they can hibernate.  This is probably true of the Rough Stink Bug, but it will not harm you or your house.  You can read more about Rough Stink Bugs on BugGuide.

Location: Washington

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