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locust borer
Location: NE Oregon
October 9, 2011 9:10 pm
I found this bug in my yard and found out it is a locust borer similar to the hickory borer but we do not have the trees i read that it lays its eggs in. I have all kinds of trees around us. but none like it said this thing likes. We are in the inland pacific northwest and even your report says they are not native to here. how do we protect our trees from them?
Signature: worried about this bug

Locust Borer

Dear worried about this bug,
As you letter indicates, the Locust Borer,
Megacyllene robiniae, is native to the eastern portions of North America, however, with the cultivation of its larval food plant, the black locust, as well as the more decorative locust cultivars, the range of the Locust Borer has expanded to the Pacific Northwest.  The BugGuide data map shows states that include sightings submitted to that website.  You do not need to worry about other trees as the Locust Borer is host specific to Locust trees.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Oregon

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  1. Rebecca Boggs says:

    I found 2 locusts in my yard today I haven’t seen these in 35 years and when I did see them I lived in AZ… this has come as a big surprise as I have been in oregon for 35 years and have never came across one until today. Does anyone know how we can all of a sudden find locusts here?

    • bugman says:

      Locusts are Grasshoppers, and this Locust Borer is a beetle that feeds on BlackLocust Trees, hence the name. According to BugGuide, the Locust Borer, is reported from Oregon bug NOT Arizona, but Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is not the native range of the species because according to BugGuide: “Previously confined to the native range of Black Locust in the northeast, it has spread with the trees throughout the US and parts of Canada.” We suspect you saw the similar looking Mesquite Borer in Arizona, and according to BugGuide: “Adults are active day and night, running rapidly along freshly cut branches of their host plants and feeding on the blossoms of Koeberlinia, Acacia, Baccharis, Bumelia, Clematis, and Solidago.”

  2. Barb says:

    Hi folks well all I can say is yes the Locust borer beetles are definitely here and I’m in Washington right across the river from Portland Oregon in Vancouver Washington..
    We have LOTS of locust trees here, and the beetles too. If they are chewing up the trees, no wonder so many branches come crashing down during a wind storm! I have seen several of these beetles this summer, but never seen them before. Colorful bugs for sure!

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