Antrodiaetus found in Texas?
Location: Austin, TX
October 8, 2011 10:25 pm
This one was spotted in a patch of grass at the edge of a front yard facing a residential street. It was engaging ants (for food, perhaps). We were walking the dog when we spotted him (her?) and the dog almost ate it for breakfast. We spotted it shortly after a very light drizzle, in the midst of a Texas drought.
Signature: Alexis

Female Wafer Lid Trapdoor Spider

Good Morning Alexis,
First we want to commend you on your excellent sleuthing attempt to identify your Trapdoor Spider, however, we disagree with your genus identification.  We believe this is a Wafer Lid Trapdoor Spider in the genus
Eucteniza, based on photos posted to BugGuide.  With Trapdoor Spiders, females have shorter legs and rarely leave their burrows.  Males tend to wander, generally after a rain, in search of a mate.  We doubt if she was trying to feed upon the ants, though the ants might have been the reason she fled her burrow.  Perhaps there was enough rain to flood her out.  Prey tend to be larger creatures, including crickets and similar ground dwelling insects and arthropods.  We are very excited to have received your excellent images.

Wafer Lid Trapdoor Spider

Thank you, Daniel! We were very interested in finding out the identity of this spider because it was the largest spider we’ve seen outside of a terrarium.
I think you’re correct about the ants. They seemed to be bothering her more than she was bothering them. We have some aggressive fire ants in Texas. Perhaps the rain disturbed both of their homes.
Please feel free to add my photos to your collection. The exact location was 22nd Street and Leon Street, Austin, Texas (Travis County). Thanks again!


Location: Texas

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