Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
October 5, 2011
Hi Bugged! It’s me again, Cesar Crash, from São Paulo, Brazil.
You said once you’re not familiar with Proscopiidae, right? 2010/02/07/jumping-stick-from-patagonia-argentina/
I’m sending some pics of my little friend, it’s different from the Argentinian one. I took this one when it was a baby, I put in a plant (the same of the treehoppers) and it grown there, every weekend I used to look for it. I cannot find them in BugGuide. Searching in internet, I found some names like Tetanorhynchus sp., Stiphra robusta. Hope this pics should be useful.

Jumping Stick

Hi Cesar,
Thanks so much for sending us some photos of a Jumping Stick or Stick Grasshopper from the family Proscopiidae.  We found some nice photos on the Fauna of Paraguay web page.  Stick Grasshoppers are endemic to South America.

Stick Grasshopper

Location: Brazil

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