anyone know what this is???
Location: St.Lewis NL Canada
October 2, 2011 6:03 am
this summer we have been spotting some very strange bugs for around these parts of Labrador…but this one topped the cake yesterday when we saw it outside…
Signature: Cara

Whitespotted Sawyer

Dear Cara,
Your insect is one of the Longhorned Borer Beetles or Longicorns.  The species is
Monochamus scutellatus, and in French speaking Canada it goes by the common name Longicorne noir.  For English speakers, it is commonly called the Whitespotted Sawyer, though BugGuide also lists Oil Sands Beetle and Tar Sands Beetle as common names and provides this explanation:  “The local (to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) common names of Oil Sands Beetle and Tar Sands Beetle are due to the attraction of this insect to oil sands. Apparently the attraction is the scent of bitumen, chemically similar to compounds released by the diseased or damaged coniferous trees where they are attracted to lay their eggs.”

Location: Canada

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  1. Ray tremblay says:

    I’ve seen this bug and others like it around labrador. My question is are they dangerous or poisonous? They are disgusting looking so I’m just curious lol

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