Leaf Footed Bug

Identity crisis Location: Lake Travis in Central Texas October 26, 2011 9:35 pm Help! I came across this beautiful bug while camping on Lake Travis in Central Texas earlier this month. It is obviously a bug with good taste since it is hanging out on a prickly pear cactus tuna. My guess is that it … Read more

House Centipede from Peru

30 legs of ”what the heck” in my room Location: Peruvian rain forest ( within 25 miles of 12° 36′ 0″ S, 69° 11′ 0″ W) October 30, 2011 10:35 pm On vacation this summer, i spent time in the Peruvian rain forest. We slept in an abandoned schoolhouse, and i found this little creature … Read more

Oil Beetles

what is this bug Location: Southwest Virginia October 27, 2011 3:50 pm Every fall I see these things in my backyard. They gather together on a certain plant and I guess they eat it. Anyway it always dies where they were. Signature: Connie Dear Connie, These are Oil Beetles, a group of Blister Beetles in … Read more

Texas Bow-Legged Bug

This one ate all the leaves on my pear tree Location: Louisiana October 27, 2011 3:56 pm I had a bug problem last year and it is coming back. And I can’t find out what it is to deal with it. I’ve never had anything like this before. I hope you can help. Signature: Michael … Read more