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HUGE Dragonfly
Location: Aspen Hill, Maryland
September 26, 2011 12:37 am
Just curious what this fella is. I’m sure there is lineage here, but this is a very first for me seeing this giant dragonfly. This picture was taken last night (9/24) at about midnight, and he or she was bouncing all over the arbor where I was sitting. Very noisy (sounded like tissue paper being crumpled) and erratic.
Signature: Patti of Maryland

Green Darner

Hi Patti,
Your Dragonfly is a Green Darner,
Anax junius.  We believe that based on the description posted to BugGuide, it is a male.  Green Darners are known to migrate south in the fall.

Mr. Marlos:
Thank you so much for your identification.  I did some brief photo research last night and found plenty of close matches, but none exactly right.  Searching now with “anax junius” I see plenty of matches for my backyard boy.  I’ve lived on this little quarter acre lot all my life, but this is my first sighting of this particular dragon fly.
I think I was taken aback by the eye marking between the eyes.  After looking closely at it, I quickly realized that the marking was simply that – a marking and not an eye, but the primitive mind strikes first and I found myself hissing like a superstitious old woman from the Massachusetts Colony, “ahh, ’tis a cyclops, he is!”
Honestly, I try to approach insects and other buggy animals as truly amazing and alien creatures who arose from the same primordial soup as I, but when a spider rappels down onto me while I’m in the shower, it will always end with unnecessary carnage.
Anyway, thanks again!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Maryland

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