Here’s a Mexican Robber Fly for your files
Location: Douglas, southeast Arizona
September 23, 2011 2:44 pm
Howdy…finally got this insect identified from your website. We live 8-9 miles from the Mexican border and have these visitors quite often. Surprised that just a couple years ago they were rare in the US. They’ve all been camping out here:) Used to confuse them with the Tarantula Hawk, but not anymore! They hang out around our many Jujube (Fig) Trees in the spring and summer. Don’t bother with us at all.
Signature: Lori – Arizona

Robber Fly

Dear Lori,
Archilestris magnificus is such a gorgeous Robber Fly.  On the rare occasions we receive photos of them, we immediately post them.  When we first posted a photo in 2007, it created quite a stir.

Location: Arizona

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