Wasp-like insect
Location: Portland, Oregon
September 20, 2011 9:16 pm
We have have dozens of this kind of bug come into our house this past summer because we have been leaving our door open. We think they might have a nest nearby but we can’t figure out what they are. I looked at many different wasp- like bugs but didn’t find anything that looks like it. It makes a loud buzzing sound and is about 1 inch long.
Signature: James

Black Soldier Fly

Hi James,
Do you or does a neighbor have a nearby compost pile?  This is a Black Soldier Fly and the larvae live in compost and similar habitats where they are considered beneficial since they compete with the maggots of House Flies for food.  Though they look like wasps, they do not sting or bite and they are perfectly harmless.  Because of the clear areas on the abdomen, the Black Soldier Fly is sometimes called a Window Fly.  See BugGuide for additional information.  If you do have a compost pile in the yard, you may be interested in the Black Soldier Fly Blog.

Location: Oregon

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  1. robert says:

    It’s very rare for the flying adults to come in the house. They shy away from any and all artificial light. I have a colony going on my balcony (biopod grub composter) and the only time I ever saw an adult, was because I forgot to pay the electric bill.

    Sometimes they can mature inside the house, like a piece of foodwaste that left in the garage or something.

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