Huge bug found in Israel
Location: Israel (Tel Aviv area)
September 20, 2011 5:35 am
Hello Daniel,
Thank you for this wonderful web site. This bug I found on my balcony on the 9th floor at the end of August 2011 in Israel. Well, I have never seen such a huge and beautiful bug, it looks like a prehistoric one. Wow!
My cat first discovered it and she started to play with it. When she touched him he started to move his head (like bowing) and was producing sounds of wooden branch creak. The size of the bug is 3 to 4 inches. Supposedly it can fly.
Well, I let him free in the nearby garden. My can was very disappointed. 🙂
Please identify it.
Signature: Julia K

Fig Borer

Hi Julia,
Your cat discovered a Mango Stem Borer,
Batocera rufomaculata.  In Israel where it causes damage to the trees in fig plantations, it is known as the Fig Borer.  You can see some links to other websites by viewing the earlier posting of a Mango Stem Borer from Israel.

Thank you Daniel!!! It so great that so quickly identified it, i will look into your link. Thanks a bunch!

Location: Israel

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  1. Dave says:

    although these would not be considered kosher in Israel, they are definitely edible. I tried one in Thailand once. It was a somewhat difficult comestible, but it’s possible that it wasn’t cooked according to a standard recipe or that I wasn’t eating it correctly.


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