Large flying insect
Location: Eglin AFB, FL
September 16, 2011 8:02 pm
I’ve never seen an insect like this. My second graders would like to know what it is.
Signature: insect identified



Ed. Note:  Our staff tries to respond to as many requests as possible, and many are never published live to our site.  Occasionally our response is a concise identification, like our response above.  Sometimes that results in additional dialog.

The insect I saw was about 4 inches long. It was as big as a dragonfly.  The antlion is smaller than what I saw.  Thank you for your thoughts.  See attached photo.

Perhaps we should have supplied you with a link, but time does not always allow us the luxury of research for every response.  We properly identified your insect as an Antlion.  Further research leads us to believe it is Vella americana and you may verify our identification by comparing your photo to this posting on BugGuide.

Thank you your were a great help.

Location: Florida

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