Can’t find it. Noisy!
Location: Boise, Idaho
September 16, 2011 12:58 am
I caught this bug in my kitchen, in the dark. It is approximately 3/4 inch long. If it is the culprit, it sounds like a cricket, but much louder and consistently sounding long. Kinda like a cicada but entirely more annoying.
What is it, and should I set it free in my neighbor’s bedroom window?
Signature: david

Tree Cricket

Hi David,
This is a Tree Cricket.  We are puzzled, because if you find its chirping so annoying, we cannot imagine why you would want to release in in your neighbor’s bedroom window.  We feel a much better habitat would be some foliage in the garden.

Thanks! Only annoying because it was keeping me up at night chirping in my kitchen. Loudest cricket I’ve heard. 🙂 I let him go in the flower garden next to some nice boulders.

Location: Idaho

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