Rare Praying Mantis
Location: Wokha, Nagaland, India
September 15, 2011 11:42 am
This insect resembles a praying mantis (obviously is) and I’m curious about it. The wings resembles a leaflet and works as a good camouflage and is difficult to spot. Although the picture was taken at night, I’m sure it will be clear to spot features. Please enlighten
Signature: bru123

Leaf Insect from India

Dear bru123,
Though it resembles a Preying Mantis, this Leaf Insect in the genus
Phyllium is actually in the order Phasmida which includes the Walkingsticks.  Here is a photo from the Wild Borneo website, as well a nice page showing the life cycle on Phasmids in Cyberspace.  Several years ago, we ran a nice posting showing a Preying Mantis feeding on a Leaf Insect in Thailand.

Location: India

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