what’s that bug?
Location: Sedona, Az
September 10, 2011 12:42 pm
I wish to find out what species made so much noise during my camping at Sedona, Az.
Signature: Lidka

Western Hercules Beetle

Hi Lidka,
Even though your request arrived several days ago, and we manage to do more postings on the weekend than during our hectic work week, we were unable to respond to the lion’s share of requests we have received recently.  We are happy we decided to attempt one more posting before heading to work.  This is a male Western Hercules Beetle or Grant’s Hercules Beetle,
Dynastes grantii, and though it is not considered a rare species, we do not get many images of this species found in the Southwest.  We get significantly more images of its eastern relative, the Eastern Hercules Beetle, Dynastes tityus.  The horn of the Western Hercules Beetle is more pronounced, and both species are included in the subfamily Dynastinae, the Rhinoceros Beetles.

Location: Arizona

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