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Location: Western Massachusetts
September 11, 2011 1:41 am
Hello Mr. Bugman, I have searched the Internet trying to identify this crazy little bug. It was found under the covers of a bed that’s not used very often. It has little hairs all over its carrot shaped body and long grey hairs that protrude from it’s hind section. Turned over, it looks like six legs near the widest part, or head section. I could only see these features with a jeweler’s loop. I would say the bug measures 3/64” wide x 1/4” long half body half tail. Thanks for the help
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Carpet Beetle Larva

Dear Bugman,
Just yesterday we posted another image of a Carpet Beetle Larva.  We believe your Carpet Beetle Larva is the larva of a Black Carpet Beetle in the genus
Attagenus based on this image posted to BugGuide.

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Location: Massachusetts

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  1. Andrea Romero says:

    I just found one in edinburg tx i was laying down in bed and felt a crawl near my leg i got up and looked and there was this little guy. So now im wonderinv is it poisonous??

  2. Sue says:

    They live indoors bc it’s too cold to survive outside in colder months. They are a huge huge pest and reproduce very fast. They chew holes in your boxes of food, porridge, flour, cereal, etc and eat the contents, natural fibers like gotten in your clothes, leather in your furniture, animal hair, bits of food under your stove, and they go everywhere in search of food. You’ll need to store all of your food in freezer bags and airtight containers. I poured a box of Hamburger Helper into a pan and out came so many tiny crawling bugs it was so gross. They live in your walls and lay eggs anywhere especially inside walls and in your carpets under furniture, in your clothes and towels. They adjust well to temp changes and have an uncanny ability to delay their development if their environment conditions are unsuitable. They can go without food & water for several weeks. Put one in a bag and you’ll see it it live for months. They are everywhere, in your clothes, pantry, counters, bed, floor, under furniture, in dressers and counter drawers, almost everywhere. Adult ones fly around. Those fluffy things that look like lint is a nest of eggs. They are laid everywhere especially dark places and even in your clothes where they hatch. Totally awful. Discovering smelly worms and holes in your clothes and putting a clean towel on and finding a smelly crawly bug is so tormenting. They get into your house through cracks in the screens, flowers, birdnests etc. They give off theramones to attract mates and make many many eggs that hatch in just a few weeks. Best way to get rid of them is vacuum vacuum vacuum 3 X’s a day for I think 2 months? Also keep clothes, sheets, blankets in clear bags to keep bugs out and not mistake for garbage. Put double-sided sticky tape around your couch legs, bed legs, dresser legs, bottom of closet walls, around windows, etc. to catch them and keep out of your things. In winter put clothes/cloth items in clear bags and keep in cold storage -30 degrees or more for 2 or more weeks to kill eggs. Might be mistaken could be longer. They go to windows to get out and to mate in warmer season. Lots of them! Kill them! Keep stuff off the floor. Research them. Kill every larvae and adult you see. There’s lots of info about them. Once you have them life isn’t the same but it gets a lot better by keeping things sealed, sticky-taped and vacuumed and washed. Then you’ll hardly see them anymore.

  3. motso says:

    I ve also experience those tiny coiling worms around my house, and just want to know how to get rid of them.

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