Stupid Question?
Location: southern indiana
September 11, 2011 10:52 pm
Is this grub worm the larva of this pinching bug? It seemed to be guarding all 5 grub worms with it’s life .Just curious thank you
Signature: brian

Big Headed Ground Beetle

Hi Brian,
The beetle is a Big Headed Ground Beetle, Scarites subterraneus, or another member of the genus.  Interestingly, BugGuide has no photos of the Grubs from this genus.  Most Ground Beetles have active larvae that are also predators.  The Grub image that you submitted looks more like the larva of a Scarab Beetle.  Even more interesting is that this is the second letter we have received (the first was earlier this year in May) indicating some reason the Big Headed Ground Beetles are found in close proximity to Scarab Grubs.  We are going to try to get Eric Eaton to comment on this.

Scarab Beetle Grub

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Location: Indiana

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