Spider ID- possibly a fishing spider
Location: Muskegon County Michigan
September 4, 2011 7:32 pm
Hi Bugman. I adjunct at a community college and frequently get community requests for identification. Someone brought me this beautiful spider last week. She found it near a stream in western Michigan. It has the general body shape of a wolf spider but the body is over an inch long. After some crude internet searching I feel that Dolomedes vittatus looks very similar and should indeed be found near a stream. I took the following photos with the poor dear living in a large jar with vegetation the concerned citizen collected at the site. I have already told her its more than likely some sort of fishing spider , but I’m sure she would surely like to know if I’m mistaken. Thanks!
Signature: Beth Walker

Fishing Spider

Hi Beth,
Your photos do not look as though they were taken in a confined, man-made habitat.  We hope this magnificent spider will soon be returned to its natural state.  We agree that this is a Fishing Spider, and of all the species in the genus
Dolomedes on BugGuide, we agree that Dolomedes vittatus appears to be the closest visual match.

Dolomedes vittatus

Even the eye arrangement on your spider matches the face of a Dolomedes vittatus posted to BugGuide.

Fishing Spider

Location: Michigan

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