Wheel bugs
Location: Hiawassee,GA
September 3, 2011 7:30 pm
Interesting thing happened today. I opened the front door and found these two wheel bugs…in a bit of a compromising position, but I didn’t know what they were until I uploaded the pictures to my computer and saw the wheel on their backs. Truth is, I would not have known what they were at all if it wasn’t for your website.So thank you, because, although I would still freak out if a bug landed on me(I am working really hard on my phobia by trying to educate myself) when I see them now I am more intrigued than scared.
Signature: Recovering bugaphobe

Mating Wheel Bugs

Dear Recovering bugaphobe,
We want to better educate you about Wheel Bugs, members of the Assassin Bug family Reduvidae.  Assassin Bugs are predators, and Wheel Bugs prey upon mainly insects.  They have mouths that were designed for piercing and sucking.  They do not want to suck your blood, though their relatives, the Blood Sucking Conenoses, do feed on blood.  Wheel Bugs prey upon insects in the garden, though they will most likely bite, and the bite will be painful, if they are carelessly handled by humans.  We have a huge archive of Bug Love images of insects and other things that crawl mating.  After mating, she will lay clusters of hexagonal eggs that will hatch in the spring into red and black colonies of insects that resemble spiders, superficially.

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Location: Georgia

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