late summer bug party
Location: Silver City NM
September 1, 2011 6:08 pm
These pics are from last year, but the same thing is happening again. On my Navajo globe willow, the green beetles seem to be doing something that attracts the brown butterflies. Also, there’s a funny fuzzy little guy in there too. What is going on? What are these bugs?
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Sap Party with Mourning Cloak and Figeater

In England, the butterfly known as the Mourning Cloak in America,  is called the Camberwell Beauty.  The metallic green beetle is a Figeater.  The other creature is the larva of some soft winged beetle.  The tree is oozing sap and that doesn’t seem like a good thing.  The tree may have Borers.  We hope you allow this exciting coeval feast to continue and closely observe the insects that come to the sap.  Setting up night lights will attract moths, and many gorgeous Owlet Moths will be attracted to the luscious liquid diet.  The Mourning Cloak will most likely begin hibernation as winter approaches.  Your winters are likely quite mild, and the Mourning Cloak will not have to survive months of frozen conditions.  This good meal of sugary sap would likely contribute to the survival of Mourning Cloaks in more hostile climates than that in Silver City, New Mexico.  

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I’ll set up lights this weekend.

Location: New Mexico

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